Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019

Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019

The Whisky and Spirits Show 2021


The Whisky and Spirits Show is a meeting place - not to be missed - for lovers of good single-malts and other spirits. This event will allow the public to taste and discover small and large spirits brands, carefully selected by professionals.

More and more fans of quality products turn to whisky. It offers the advantage of proposing a rich taste palette, from hazelnut to vanilla, through apricot, chocolate, dried fruit, smoked tea, cigar box, cereals, green grass or biscuits, to name but a few flavours.

Whisky comes in many varieties and flavours offering both the most demanding taster as well as the beginner, an attractive answer to their quest of discovery.

Even more than our local brandies, whisky embodies the mystery of manufacture, the charm of distant and poetic landscapes. Although its production is international, its birth in the Scottish and Irish regions takes us beyond a simple alcohol tasting.

Over 600 references to be tasted:

With more than 600 references for tasting and a few hundred bottles for sale, we offer the public a response regarding the growing demand for spirits.

Tastings / Lectures:

Lectures and tastings are organised during these two days. Some offer the opportunity, sometimes unique, to discover a whisky presented by a representative from the distillery! Others propose to amateurs on this occasion to learn about the expertise of an independent bottler. Finally some collectors and / or passionate whisky lovers can share not only their knowledge but also their collection of bottles.

But also……

  • A cocktail bar for thrill seekers. Numerous new creations, developed specially with the products offered at the Show, can be discovered.

  • Other spirits will also be presented during the show, such as cognacs, rums, armagnac, etc...

  • Small lounges and an eating corner will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments.

Slaěnte !

Dates to book: Whisky and More in Lausanne

March 27-28, 2022
Rum / Gin / Whisky-ey and other spirits

Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
Whisky and More 2019
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Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Enjoy alcohol in moderation / Access limited to those over the age of 18 years